25 Things to do on Cinco de Mayo

Here are 25 things to do (or probably not) on this Mexican holiday that Americans feel so passionate to celebrate, even if it has nothing to do with them. Most of these are suggestions that probably shouldn’t be taken seriously but what I’m offering for humorous effect.

  1. Celebrate it as National Mayonnaise Day
  2. Have a mock Mexican-French war recreation
  3. Eat like a Mexican all day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  4. Spread 1/5 of mayo on your sandwich
  5. Take a picture of your mayo and put it on Instagram
  6. Wave the Mexican flag in the general direction of France
  7. Correct the people that think this is Mexico’s Independence Day
  8. Attempt to learn Spanish
  9. Read up on the history of Mexico
  10. Sing the Mexican national anthem:
  11. Make a list of the things you should do on this day because you are so bored
  12. Go to Cancun
  13. Wear a sombrero to work
  14. Go to a Spanish bull fight
  15. Eat at your favorite family Mexican restaurant (mine is “Casa Rodrigeous)
  16. Watch a movie in Spanish or with the subtitles on
  17. Listen to a song in Spanish
  18. Count to one hundred or more in Spanish
  19. Put on a Mexican musical complete with maracas, accordions, and castanet
  20. Drink a fifth of rum, whiskey, or vodka
  21. Listen to “Macarena” by Los del Rio
  22. Eat Mexican jumping beans
  23. Remember the Alamo
  24. Dance with a Mexican girl or guy
  25. Try to celebrate this holiday as tasteful as possible and don’t do most of what I suggest!

Raison D’être

The French really have a way with language, don’t they?

There are all of these fancy words and phrases that the English have adopted and now use to a) sound more sophisticated and cultured or b) because the word is a much more attractive and simple way of explaining yourself than that long winded sentence.

My raison d’être or reason or justification for existence, has definitely been developing.  I have a love for poetry that just seems to fall out of my head, with no thought provoked. Writing down prose reevaluates my position in life. It gives me new hope on the future. I do matter and do have value.

When I create something, I always like to be very thoughtful and insightful. Words are carefully chosen, sentences reread and silently said aloud multiple times. Whenever there is a train of thought, I have to get it down in writing before it falls off the tracks.

Writing to me is all about emotion and having an artistic flair. You want to put the best version of yourself out there. Don’t hold back on anything. Give it 110%.

Making sense of the thoughts that race through my mind all the time helps to relieve stress and give me new vision. Most of all, writing anything in general makes me happy.

The raison d’être serves to give meaning to our life. You are not worthless. You are a unique person. You have a way of connecting with the world in a unique way. There is a reassurance that you are putting your God given talents to good use. Your thoughts are not bottled up. Let it all out and spill it.

Weekly Discover Challenge: Raison D’être



Here are some signs you are a narcissist:

1. You take way too many selfies
2. Constantly checking your Facebook posts for likes and comments
3. You get depressed when you don’t receive any attention on the latest selfie you uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, etc.
4. You expect admiration from others in order to feel better.
5. You have no empathy for others, no feeling
6. No shame for your actions
7. You see yourself as perfect, creating an illusion
8. Very arrogant and boastful
9. Envous of others successes and attributes, you want to put others down
10. Can’t see the world from someone else’s perspective

I may as well abandon

My attempts to wed the girl

Because of my innerself calling

My self-centered world

It’s always about me, myself, and I

Every single day

My interest in my beautiful self

Can never be pulled away

Those mirrors are an evil

The poison of eternity

They continually call to me

“Here, birdie, birdie”

The days tend to be lonely

Because I can’t let anyone else in

I am a narcissist

What’s your name again?


Discover Challenge: Obstacles

blackwhite4“Often it isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.”
Muhammad Ali

Running a creative business is often a means to an end. When you are making little to no money on this, the thought occurs of “what is the point to this?”. But then the other half says, “No, I’ve got to keep going on what I have started because there is so much more to do and so many more people to meet”. I feel like I am wanting to skimp off and do other fun stuff because of what precious time I have left in my 20s. I won’t be young forever. Time is ticking. The pressure to be successful is always there. I am always reminded of someone’s great success story and it is always a slap in the face for me. Oh, this person has written X number of books and has done X number of interviews and made this much money. What have you done?

Oh, I’ve only just scratched the surface.

I’ve recently rediscovered the friendzone turned dating site MeetMe (even if they state otherwise, it is definitely for hooking up with locals now). It has sure changed since the last time I logged on to there. There are no more games and it is exclusively a place now to meet people you are interested in or just want to talk to. The site has been optimized for mobile usage, with a simple layout and four simple tabs called Meet, Chat, Feed, and Me – all very useful. I updated my profile on there and cringe at some of the pictures I took when I was 18 on the site, in an effort to attract attention from the female population (and some guys as well). This is one of those sites that gives an aura of nostalgia and longingness for the past for me. I wish to go back to the way things were, back to my naive high school days when I didn’t even have thoughts about college, but know that is just like wishing water would turn into fire.

In the creative world, my obstacle is overcoming the laziness of not wanting to create something. I sometimes have to push myself to overcome this, have to remember the overall importance of this whole thing. Get those horses going again, get back in the race. You have to get serious again. Stop being complacent. You know you are good. Keep up the confidence. It’s the negative thoughts that get in the way. Banish the negativity. Embrace the positive.

For this week’s challenge, tell us about a time when you had to deal with an obstacle in your creative process, whether it was a bad case of writer’s block, some rigid rules you had to work around, or some other limitation — financial, technical, mental — that set you back. Did you manage to transcend the obstacle, or was it too much to deal with at the time? More important: what did you learn about yourself and your creativity in the process?

Weekly Discover Challenge: Obstacles

Take the Stairs


She’s building a stairway to heaven

Heaven only knows how long it will take

Or if she’ll even reach it at all

And instead go off forever into space

It is her dream to peek through the clouds

And see those pearly gates

But it just might as well be an illusion

The work of an elaborate fake


Vinegar to Zuchinni – A to Z Foods

The final entries in the challenge are here, all grouped together. It’s been a consistent challenge this time and I have improved my photographic eye once again (even if not all of the pictures were mine).

Letters V – Z:

Vinegar (mine)
 photo vinegar_zpsjwf8nfkt.jpgWheat Bread (mine) photo wheat_zpsdpbpyfse.jpgXigua (Watermelon)
Zucchini (mine) photo zuchini_zps7xfxnequ.jpg

A to Z Challenge 2016

Life Changing Solitude

Green Lake Swamp

I may enjoy the solitude, but I am definitely not a hermit. At least not just yet. I do get outside a couple times a week, just to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air and get some much needed motivation. There really isn’t anywhere to go so I just walk around listening to music, letting the beats pulse with my steps. A couple minutes of shooting hoops gives me positive energy and a chance to really blow off some steam.

Creative things always are sparked in solitude. The freedom to express yourself without distractions is always a great thing. It is nearly impossible to get my thoughts together when there are so many people around and there is a lot of external noise. I can study better when I’m alone, as was evidenced by my failing grades when I tried to bring a social life into the situation and encountered distracting thoughts. But sometimes being around people produces much happier thoughts and there is the intentional and unintentional collaboration that goes on when I have another person discussing things back and forth with me.

Christopher Paolini, author of the bestselling novel Eragon and one of the youngest authors in history, has spent most of his life alone in the beautiful wilderness of Montana, writing fictional novels inspired by the breathtaking landscape that includes mountains and endless lakes. He was homeschooled at the age of 15 after having graduated high school.

Being in solitude is healthy for the mind because it relaxes and brings out good emotions. Good ideas are born in alone time. Even greater ideas are born when someone is alone for longer periods of time. You become one with yourself and discover some truly amazing things. Just don’t sink too much into it or you may go insane.


Faking It

This mask, the oldest in the world, always creeps me out when I see it

People wear masks to hide their true feelings. They feel insecure with their selves and don’t want others to know in lieu of being humiliated and outcasted.

The gay community has always had to contend with hiding something in order to not feel scrutinized. The generation today now encourages closeted folks to fully come out and be their true selves but there is still a need to hold back in certain situations. The world has still not fully accepted the notion that being gay is okay. It is always going to be a separate division, a minority. Many TV shows and movies always have a token gay guy or girl just to fill out the demographic requirements. It may be humorous to point out who that token person is and they are usually a huge focal point and discussion piece of the show’s run.

In order for me to even concentrate on writing a decent post everyday, I have to put on a mask. I have to be aloof and avoid most conversation in order to not be distracted. My best writing comes from isolating myself and crawling into a dark hole. This is the way I’ve always been actually, so I don’t know if I’m really putting on a mask or just being myself.

When getting involved with extreme social situations, I see I have to change my personality a bit if I don’t want to be seen as distant and uninterested. It is quite hard for me to be the life of the party because I most certainly don’t really care to be. I’ve always let others take the task of showing off and being the center of attention while I stay in the background. It’s my natural state of being. I’m actually quite self-centered and have to be inclined to show much interest in others. This is not always good though and I’ve tried to change but it always feels like betrayal.

You shouldn’t wear a mask though because eventually you will be exposed. I have tried to fake it til I make it and go against who I truly am in order to succeed in social situations, but at the end of the day, I am still the same person.

That mask will always creep me out. Does it creep you out?



Here you are at the crossroads

Your life is hanging in the balance

There is no more time to wait

It is time to get up and go

Because getting older means

Becoming more of an afterthought

As everyone gets younger and better looking

And you start going the other way

With the high school years further behind

And the inevitable future ahead

Don’t let your dreams slip through your fingers

Chase after them and stare doubts in the rear mirror

I don’t want to grow old too quickly

Because there is so much left to experience

And letting those days slip by

Would be ever regrettable


One Word Photo Challenge: Box

 photo boxes_zpsmvkz82mf.jpg
 photo jiffymix_zps8fwqvcjp.jpg

Tissue boxes and Jiffy Mix boxes.

One Word Photo Challenge: Box